The Red Red Healing Society is a not-for-profit Child and Family Resource Centre which offers the blend of a number of unique community-based services, to assist in supporting and creating change for our children, youth, adults and their families. The focus is always on the development of new skills to achieve some success in the future.

Since The Red Road Healing Society opened in September, 1997, we have gone from working with a handful of people to providing 4,000 services for people a month. We primarily deal with First Nations, Metis and Inuit people from all over Canada; however, we welcome all races and nations to participate in our programs and services.

There is a central point of intake and coordination for all the children, youth, adults and families that come into The Red Road Healing Society to access our Early Intervention, Child and Family Resource Service. The intake is thorough with the gathering of data requisite for an accredited agency; and contains basic demographics, a culture free self-esteem assessment, a needs assessment, and a service plan drawn up from the goals defined and assessments made.

Programs and services are recorded on the clients’ file as they are utilized by the clientele. The outcome is supporting a participant by assisting them in identifying their goals and needs. The majority of our programs operate from THE ORANGE HUB at The Red Road Healing Society resource centre. The exception of our family based supports that may occur at a school, in the family home or in other locations in the community We have categorized our Indigenous Child and Family Resource Centre program into the following 4 distinctions:





Crisis Intervention

The premise is to strengthen families and individuals while remaining  within their  community and providing opportunities for learning and growth within the context of our Aboriginal Culture. Through many of the programs, individuals develop alternate networks of support through members in their community rather than developing a reliance on “systems.” Because The Red Road Healing Society is focused upon Indigenous values, culture and beliefs, relationships are developed that lead to a further amplification of the unity of out culture.

Designed to provide various means of support to individuals and/or families. It is intended to strengthen families and individuals by providing relational, practical and transitional supports while utilizing and connecting to resources within their community. Through many o the programs, individuals and families are able to access short-term support required to “get through” until more formal supports are established.

Provided to allow fro one-to-one and/or group support specific to the needs of the individual. Issues addressed include parenting, personal development, education and/or addiction issues. These programs facilitate the development of further strengths, relationships, and support networks while continually striving to increase positives  and successes in a person’s or family’s life.

Provided to allow for the agency staff to address the specific needs of an individual or family crisis. Issues often require outreach described above; except in crisis it is of an emergent nature. Housing, food, addiction, abuse, violence, medical concerns, court, transportation, power being shut down are some of the crisis intervention issues. Crisis is never planned, however, procedures are in place; and if The Red Road Healing Society cannot provide a solution, then they will provide a referral to meet the needs of the client in crisis.

**Please Note**
Not all programs are offered throughout the year.
Some depend on funding.

Addiction Services
Adolescent Programs (General)
Akicita Youth Program
Annual Events
Baby Bonding
Baby, Think It Over
Career Development
Children’s Programs
Collective Kitchens
Cree Language Classes
Cultural Creations
Educational Services
Family Programs
Family Violence Workshops
Grandparents Circle
Grieving Workshops
Healing Circles
Health for Two
Health Services
Home Support
Housing Program
Legal Services
Longhouse Family Night

Prenatal Workshops
Prevention Programs
Regalia Making
Seasonal Events
School Outreach
Social Services
Soup and Bannock
Starblanket Grandparents
Stilettos to Mocassins
Substance Prevention
Summer Kids Camp
Summer Workshops
Survivor Workshops
Tea Time
Tobacco Prevention
12 Step Work
Walking the Good Red Road

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