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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn more about who we are, when we started, what we do, where we are, how to contact us, who we help & what our goals are.

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Room #332 10045 - 156 Street The Orange Hub Edmonton, AB T5P 2P7

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Our Story

Founding Date: September 18, 1997

Since The Red Road Healing Society opened in September, 1997, we have gone from working with a handful of people to providing up to 4000 services for people a month. We primarily deal with First Nations, Metis and Inuit people from all over Canada; however, we welcome all races and nations to participate in our programs and services.

We are an Accredited Early Intervention Program with Aboriginal Designation in Mentoring, Outreach, Community Day program and Crisis Intervention.

“The Red Road Healing Society has a firm belief in sharing with our participants the importance of our traditional roles and values (that build life); such as; love, courage, honesty, generosity, chastity, silence, and respect (without forcing a belief on anyone). These values traditionally were reflected in our families, communities and nations. It is our responsibility to give our people; particularly our youth; the direction, guidance, knowledge and wisdom; they will need, o sustain their lives; in a non-threatening, spiritual and culturally appropriate environment. The Red Road Healing Society believes that only then; the healing process can begin; whereupon at one point, it may have been neglected and abused; which may then require ‘in-depth’ therapy.”

– Joanne Lethbridge Pompana, Director, Lawyer, Mediator

The Red Road Healing Society


To walk with our relations on the Red Road of life by remembering, renewing and restoring our traditional roles and values that brings life; so as to continually move forward ‘in a healthy way’ as Indigenous People.


We do this through providing professional social, educational, legal and health services through and existing cultural, grassroots, community based agency, that provides a spectrum of wholistic services for children, youth , adults and families within the West-end communities.

Statement of Need

In the West-end area of Edmonton and throughout Turtle Island, there is a high population of Aboriginal children, youth, families and individuals who are still suffering from the effects of multigenerational trauma as a result of residential schools, colonization, relocation, smallpox inflicted Christianity and loss of culture. In these three communities 60% of the population is Aboriginal; and at least 75% of these people have culturally based, grassroots professional services are evident in the community.


Our goals are to reduce the abuse, apathy, isolation, low self esteem, stress, grief, addiction, violence and general pain in our peoples’ lives (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal). We strive to increase our participants’ knowledge of Indigenous peoples’ educational, health, legal, psychological and social lifeways, rights, values and beliefs through a cultural lens. We wish to stimulate our clients’ awareness of personal power and purpose in their lives.